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Rules & Procedure

 All glass must be removed (except windshield) including tail lights, head lights and mirrors. All bumpers must be stock appearing. Any reinforcements added must be behind the bumper and not visible from outside of vehicle. Lap belt required (racing seat belts recommended). Helmets mandatory (fire suit and gloves recommended). All drivers must remain in vehicle when red flag is displayed until a track official tells you it is safe to exit. Anyone exiting vehicle before track official gives you the okay will be disqualified from race & forfeit any purse or awards for remainder of events. No vulgar or obscene lettering on any vehicle on speedway property. No driver’s compartment side hits. No vulgar language or obscene jester towards any race official. Track officials have final word on vehicle’s safety and race worthiness

Overall trailer length: 10-16 feet trailers are suggested (MINIMUM TRAILER SIZE IS 5X8). No yard type trailers will be allowed. Suggestions are travel trailers, pop-up tent campers, boat trailers and snowmobile trailers. No single wheel trailers and ABSOLUTELY NO PIPE TRAILERS ALLOWED. Boat trailers must have a boat tied down on it; snowmobile trailers cannot be empty. Trailers MUST have a decorative load, If you bring a boat you must be able to take it back or may be charged a disposal fee of $100.00. Pop-up trailers okay, as long as it meets minimum length rule of 8 feet. Pop ups must be raced in fully extended (popped-up) position. Trailer cannot be rigged to self-destruct, leaving only frame to continue racing and must be able to race without falling apart. Trailers should be destroyed only upon impact with another vehicle. If trailer is rigged to self-destruct, thereby gaining a racing advantage, that driver will be disqualified and forfeit any purse or awards. All appliances and heating/cooling units must be removed . Trailers must be completely cleaned out inside, removing everything that is not part of a unit. Tongue must be attached to tow vehicle by hitch ball, free pivoting. One safety chain is allowed, however, NO equalizer bars are allowed. No ballast or weight allowed to be added. Tow vehicles can be trucks, vans or cars. No 4-wheel drives, all wheel drives, or any 1 ton + tow vehicles. No anti-freeze in any vehicle on racing surface. Fiberglass boats and tires must be taken home with you or a $100.00 disposal fee could be imposed.


Finish race with your trailer attached while separating the trailer of your competitors from their tow vehicles. If you lose your trailer, you are done with your race and must leave the track if possible. You will be scored accordingly, if you fail to leave the track after the loss of your trailer you will be disqualified, black-flagged and forfeit any purse or awards. You must retain the axle of your trailer to remain in the race. If you lose your trailer axle, you must exit the racing surface. No trailer tongues only will be allowed to remain in the race. If you lose a tire or get a flat you MUST exit the racing surface. If you purposely hit the driver’s door of a tow vehicle you will be disqualified immediately. Length of race is 20 laps unless only one trailer/tow vehicle remains intact, in that event, they will be declared the winner


Big cars & two wheel drive trucks will be allowed for the Flag/Pole Race, Pace Car Race, and Trailer Race. Any car from the small car derby will be permitted to race in the trailer race.


The following vehicles will be allowed: 1980 and newer, American and foreign cars, front wheel drive or station wagon. NO old iron cars, no full size trucks, vans carry alls, hearses, ambulances, or four wheel drives.


1. Driver must wear long sleeve shirt, long pants and closed toe shoes – fire suit and neck collar is recommended. Safety belts and Z-90 approved full face helmets, with chinstrap and eye protection are required. Safety harnesses are also recommended.

2. At any time during the event if any official rules a car unsafe it will be disqualified.

3. If a vehicle is found illegal there will be no refund of the entry fee or pit passes.

4. Drivers must attend the drivers meeting held approximately ½ hour before race time.

5. All injuries must be reported before you leave the Demo Derby area.

6. All cars must have brakes to enter.

7. Vehicles must have five (5) lug nuts and five (5) lug studs on each wheel.



Drivers door ONLY must be painted white with a large readable number on it. 

1. Cars must be stock.

2. Windshield may remain in vehicle or removed. If windshield is removed 9 gauge wire or chain must go from roof to dash area. All other glass must be removed.

3. All glass must be removed and swept from vehicle, trim, door handles, plastic bumper covers, grills, head lamps and tail lamps must be removed.

4. Tires must be of OEM nature. NO cut tires, NO exotic tires, NO aftermarket tires. Must be stock type radial tires ONLY. We will allow Winter Force & Blizzard Grip. UMS decision will be final on all tires.

5. Exhaust may be cut off under vehicle behind front seat – it must remain under car – no headers.

6. Hood and trunk must be open during inspection. There must be a 12” x 12” hole in center of hood and trunk. 9 gauge wire or chain only to fasten hood & trunk in six (6) places. 9 gauge wire or chain can go around front bumper and rear bumper in two (2) places.

7. One (1) battery only. If left in stock location – spray foam may be used. Battery must be covered with rubber floor mat. Battery may be moved inside car passenger floor board. Must be secured and fastened.

8. Driver’s door must have some kind of driver’s protection which will consist of plate, angle iron or pipe. Must be bolted, welded or 9 gauge wired. No extruding bolts on drivers door protection. Doors can be chained or wired up to six (6) spots on each door. One pipe or square tubing may go behind driver’s seat. This may be the only thing that can be welded. This is for driver’s protection only.

9. Inside driver’s door must be padded. Driver’s door is the ONLY door that may be welded.

10. Gas tank can remain in stock location if in front of rear axle. If the tank is not in front of the rear axle it must be moved to back seat area inside the car. Factory tank and pump can be used. Any gas tank inside car must be securely fastened and covered. ANY leakage will lead to disqualification.

11. No body creasing, folding or bending.

12. Rear ends must be stock. No swapping of rear ends, no gear changes.

13. Suspension no modifications – period.

14. Frames – no welding of any kind. No pre-bending.

15. Engine & transmissions must be stock make & model of car.

16. All air bags must be removed.

17. You may use stock bumper or you may replace with any 1980 or newer stock automotive bumper. You may bolt this on with up to 8 bolts or lightly weld to the vehicle. If it is over welded or bolted you will be asked to cut. Bumper may be cut down to size and can be no wider than stock factory bumper. Bumper ends must be cut and smashed. No sharp ends. NO homemade bumpers.  

18. This is back to basics – if you have spent more than two days building this car – it is over built!

19. These are the rules – there are NO gray areas. These rules supersede any and all rules previously used. Rules & dates are subject to change without notice. THE DECISION OF THE JUDGES, SCOREKEEPERS AND OFFICIALS WILL BE FINAL!

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